Star Wars Origami
The X-Wing

Ever since I was a teenager, I'd dreamed of creating an origami X-Wing. Once I'd created the B-Wing I set myself the goal of making the X-Wing by the end of that month. It was the first time I'd ever tried to create a new figure from scratch. Up to this point, I would be working on, say a cat, and I would notice the first 5 steps or so could be adjusted to make, say a moisture vaporater. Because I really had no idea how to start, I actually ended up making a lot of asteroids, chunks from the trash compacter, and pieces of the destroyed Death Star. (To make one of these advanced figures, take a square piece of paper, add a few random folds, then crumple it up in frustration) One day I noticed I was getting closer to the X-wing. That was a turning point for me. While the X-Wing still had a long way to go, I knew it was possible and I felt I had moved to the next level as an origami artist. I've created a lot of original figures since then that I like better, but this one will always be special because it was my first completely original design.

The model showing off my X-Wing is Ian Liston. He played Wes Janson, a rebel pilot, in the Empire Strikes Back. I think he was impressed with the figure.

The Rebellion's most advanced starfighter, the X-wing, is a truly versatile ship. It is armed with 4 high-powered laser cannons, two torpedo launchers, and has strong shields for protection. It can assault ground emplacements, space platforms, starships, and of course, Death Stars.

It was this ship Luke Skywalker was flying in the Battle of Yavin when he fired two torpedoes into a small thermal exhaust port and destroyed the Death Star.