Star Wars Origami
Taun We
While this figure can represent any kaminoan, I chose to call it Tawn We in honor of Rena Owen. Ms. Owen (the pretty one in the picture) is the actress whose voice brought Tawn We to life. The first time I met her and gave her the Jango Fett figure (Ok, it was a Boba Fett figure using blue/gray paper.) and she jokingly asked why I didn't have one of her. I told her I would work on it. A week later I finished the model and mailed one to her. I'm grateful to Ms. Owen for giving me the challenge. She also generously donated her signiture on the life size figures created at Celebration III.

Kaminoans are tall, slender, graceful humanoids. As a race they are gentle, artistic and intelligent but a bit naive. They excel in scientific fields and are considered the best cloners in the galaxy.

Taun We is the project coordinator for the clone army commissioned by jedi master Sifo-Dyas. She helped develop the Janga Fett clones into a fighting force of exceptional ability.