Star Wars Origami
Half Scale Naboo Fighter

The first giant figure made during Celebration III was the Naboo Starfighter. The hardest part of the figure was the first step, a double sink fold. This took about 20 minutes of constant manipulation of the paper. I have to give credit to the volunteer folders. No matter how many little tears and snags we had they kept working as a team. An hour after the tricky sink fold was completed we finished the fighter.

I'd like to thank the volunteer folders… Donnie Cannon, Brian Webb, Giria Briceno, Christina Bailo, Janet Innantiono, Christopher Gereke, Isabel Franke, Cinthia Ashby, Sean Casey (not pictured) and on the far right Elizabeth Davidson. I'd also like to congratulate Tom Ash for winning the auction for the fighter.

Then we turn the paper over.


First, this edge has to go over there.
Janet and Brian get the other corner.
Then a simple matter of a double sink fold.
Giria, Liz, Cindy-Jo, and Isabel get us started.
Lift all the corners like this.
Getting ready to start.
Christopher, Christina, Donnie, Janet, and Sean on corner duty.
Giria, Liz, Cindy-Jo, and Isabel on another corner.
Don't get lost in there.
Finaly, the double sink fold is done.
Adding a sink fold to the sides.
Good thing Christopher is so tall.
All the sink folds are finaly finished.
Making a rabbit ear to start the cockpit.
Donnie and Christopher add the final touches.
Tuning up the engines.
... and after