Star Wars Origami
Half Scale Jedi Starfighter

The second giant figure made during Celebration III was the Jedi Starfighter. This was the easiest of the four giant figures. There are no tricky sink folds or simultaneous pleating steps. Just some basic reverse and rabbit ear folds. Even though the figure is easier, it still took about an hour to make.



I'd like to thank the volunteer folders… Ezra Smith, Bill Smith, Brendan De Leon, Mike Seifert, Greg Carn, Christina Deacon, and David Scott. They were a pleasure to work with. I'd also like to congratulate Alicia Talbot for winning the auction for the figure.

Dave shows the corner who's boss.

Turning the paper over.

A very big diagonal fold.
Starting the cockpit.
Tri-secting the corner.
Chris keeps the Paparazzi at bay.
Getting the edge lined up.
Christina, Ezra, Brendan, and Bill make the first fold.
Master folders Ezra and Brendan.
Bill and Mike start a rabbit ear fold.
You mean we're not done yet?
Rabbit ear to the other side.
Dave, Christina, Mike and Brendan hard at work
I think we have this folding thing down.
The group makes a petal fold.
Is using your foot to make a crease legal?
Brendan gets the corner straight.
That crease won't escape Mike and Dave.
It's starting to come together.
Smoothing out the edges.
Dave, Brendan, and Christina do a little pre-creasing.
The last flap is tucked into place.
One last group fold.
The final touch.