Star Wars Origami
Anakin's Starfighter

The last figure we made at Celebration III was Anakin's Starfighter from Revenge of the Sith. It starts with an unusual 4 point pleat fold which I completely underestimated. I figured after the difficult 8 point sink fold of Jabba the Hutt and the double sink fold of the Naboo Starfighter, this would be much easier. Now that it is complete, I can admit I nearly gave up on the figure 3 times during the 45 minutes it took to make that pleat fold. The paper ripped more often on this figure than any other and there were so many creases I kept losing track of which fold was supposed to go in or out. Each time I was about to admit defeat I thought "we're sooooo close, all we need to do is..." and gave it one more try.

If it wasn't for the patience and perseverance of the volunteers Joey Cooper, Bere Ridener, Matt Bonhaus, Julius Cooper, Chase Lane, Jeff Johnson, Brian Benson, Bradley Arling, (also but not in the photo) John Blue, Dave Hornak and Shelley Hornak, this figure would never have worked. I'd also like to congratulate Chris Monk for winning the auction for the figure.




John and Julius hold up their end.
Three... Two... One... Break!
Ok, the first pleat goes here.
We had to work from underneath as well.
Bere and Shelly working on another pleat.
Wow... the pleating is done. On to the fun stuff.
Bere and Dave start on the cockpit.

Matt, Chase, Joey, and Brian get ready for the next step.

Matt and Julius do a large reverse fold.

Chase, Jeff, Matt, Joey, and Brian smooth the edges.


Steve Sansweet adds his signiture.
Julius, Joey, and Matt start the first wing.
Petal folds are fun.
Bere and Chase start the second wing.
A squash fold to give the wing it's shape.
Tuck tab A into slot B and the wing is done.
Matt pauses to admire his handiwork.
Some last second minor adjustments.
I am very proud of all of the volunteer folders.
All 4 life size figures.