Making the Paper
The Trial Run
Day 3 Jabba the Hutt
Day 1 Naboo Starfighter
Life Size Origami made during Star Wars Celebration III.

Each day of the Celebration 10 or so volunteers helped fold a different "life size" origami figure. The figures were folded from paper 20 feet by 20 feet.

I'd also like to thank my team. Tom Purpus, Ira Nixon, Colleen O'Rourke, Me, Jan Alexander and Fran Siller.
Day 4 Anakin's Starfighter

Star Wars Origami

These figures were then auctioned to raise $4,030.00 for Koret Family House. Each one was signed by at least 18 celebrities. I'd like to thank Peter Mayhew, Jeremy Bulloch, Warwick Davis, Bodie Taylor, Christine Hewett, David Barclay, Garrick Hagon, Gerald Home, Hal Wamsley, Jerome Blake, Mary Oyaya, Michael Sheard, Mike Quinn, Paul Blake, Rena Owen, Sandi Finlay, Simon Williamson, Tim Rose, Toby Philpott, Aaron Allston, and Steve Sansweet for generously donating their signatures. You can see their pictures here.


Day 2 Jedi Starfighter