Star Wars Origami
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When I decided to auction the life size models for charity I wanted to make them as appealing as possible. The solution, ask the celebrities attending Celebration III to autograph them. I approached as many as I could during the four days and was pleasantly surprised by how many of them were glad to help. Thanks to their generously donated signatures Koret Family House received $4030.00. Again I'd like to take this opportunity to thank each of the following people.

Bodie Taylor

Peter Mayhew

Warwick Davis
Hal Wamsley
Christine Hewett
David Barclay
Garrick Hagon
Jeremy Bulloch
Gerald Home
Jerome Blake
Mary Oyaya
Michael Sheard
Mike Quinn
Paul Blake
Rena Owen
Sandi Finlay
Simon Williamson
Tim Rose
Toby Philpott
Aaron Allston
Steve Sansweet