Star Wars Origami
The greatest challenge in origami is reproducing a specific person. Even for an origami master the features of the human face are nearly impossible to match. Therefore, to make human figures, one needs to focus on the person's distinctive features or clothing. It wasn't until I had succeeded in re-creating a jawa and Jabba the Hutt that I felt I might be able to do justice to Yoda. It was relatively easy to create his head and body by altering the jawa figure. A couple more folds and twists and I had what makes this figure "Yoda", his distinctive ears. I added feet just for fun. I think the figure is recognizable as the famous Jedi master yet simple enough for a beginner to make.
"When 900 years old you reach, look as good you will not". In spite of his age, Master Yoda was still very strong in the Force. He had been training jedi for over 800 years. Obi Wan sent Luke to train with him on Dagobah. Luke was expecting a mighty warrior and was surprised to find a diminutive gnome instead. But, "Size matters not" as Yoda said. Soon Luke was learning the ways of the Force. Master Yoda was the last of the original Jedi Knights and Luke was destined to be his last Padawan.