Star Wars Origami
Droid Trifighter
I believe I can proudly say this is the world's first Star Wars Origami figure ever made from an equilateral triangle. The figure is a fairly simple one based on the origami classic figure of a lily flower except using a three sided "square". The petals became the wings and the bulb became the fuselage. I think I had 5 "final" versions of it before I stopped tweaking the design. I'll probably improve it again some day when it's raining and the television is broken.
The tri-fighter was a short ranged fighter used mostly for fleet support by the Separatists during the Clone Wars. The central fuselage housed a medium laser, a droid brain, and a compartment for ordinance, such as buzz droids or dumb bombs. Its power plant was more advanced than that of the older vulture droidfighter. Surrounding the fuselage were three wings each armed with a laser cannon and 1 or 2 missiles. The tri-fighter was the last generation of droidfighters.