Star Wars Origami

Armored Assault Tank (AAT)

I went through a creative drought where all the Star Wars designs I came up with ended up as food for the dia nagu in my trash bin. I created a few models which were close to what I wanted but not quite good enough. One day I was bored and I fished through my pile of not quite good enough models and came across a failed attempt at the AAT. After playing with the design, I realized it would work if I simplified it. As I grow as an artist I keep aiming for more detail and accuracy in my models occasionally forgetting my goal is to create models for people of all skill levels. This model fits into the easy category.

The AAT (Armored Assault Tank) is the main battle tank used by the Trade Federation. It has a crew of four battle droids and bristles with weaponry. Supporting the main long range laser cannon are two side mounted lasers and 2 forward facing short range blasters. There are also six launch tubes which can fire energy or solid projectiles. The heavy armor and weapons come at a price though. This repulsorlift tank has a relatively low top speed.