Star Wars Origami

Naboo Star Skiff

As I watched each Star Wars movie for the first time, I would be completely lost in that galaxy far, far away. I wouldn't be thinking about friends, or work, or whether the New York Giants would have a better year than the last one. Some time afterwards or in subsequent viewings I'd start thinking about the vehicles and creatures and wondering which I could make into my next origami creation. At the world premiere of Episode III I was struck by the star skiff's graceful lines and simple beauty. As it started to take off I found myself wondering which origami base could be use to make it and realized I had to create this elegant ship. As soon as the movie was over I started working on the model. It was the only time I had ever started thinking about origami during a premier.

The J-Type Star Skiff was used by the royal house of Naboo near the end of the Clone Wars. Like the other royal yachts the entire ship was finished in chromium. Unlike the previous ships two laser canons were added to the top wing for protection. This marked the first time a royal Naboo yacht was armed.

Senator Amidala used this ship on her ill fated journey to Mustafar in an attempt to find her husband, Anakin Skywalker.