Star Wars Origami

Slave I


This design was a long time in coming. I originally wanted to create it for my first Star Wars origami book. Knowing how popular the Fetts are, I knew this ship would have to be a top notch model. For almost nine years I struggled to design something I thought worthy of the galaxy's most infamous bounty hunter. The hardest part was leaving enough paper to create the stabilizers on the wings. Every so often I'd try again and end up with a final product that looked a lot like a piece of paper wadded up in frustration. Then one day I was toying with one of my old designs that didn't work and added two new sink folds. Bingo! The elusive stabilizers were done. Then it was just a matter of forming the rest of the ship around this new concept. In my humble opinion this is the best and most accurate design I've ever created.

Like the armor worn by its notorious owner, every inch of Slave I hides some weapon, sensor, or self defense system. This fighter/bomber has been modified and upgraded countless times and, in spite of its being considered an antique, is one of the top pursuit craft in the galaxy.

Jango Fett made this ship infamous before the clone wars started, and his son Boba continued to increase its reputation long into the reign of the Empire.