Star Wars Origami
Darth Sidious

I was playing around with a concept for General Grievous when I started heading in the wrong direction. Wrong for Grievous, but the correct way for a hooded face. What I had wasn't what you see here, but it started me thinking about Sidious. I pictured what I wanted the model to look like and after 2 days of experimenting it came out exactly as I envisioned. I'm proud of this figure because of its simplicity (it uses only 15 steps), the use of color, and because it is three dimensional.

Darth Sidious, Dark Lord of the Sith, brought an end to the Old Republic and plunged the galaxy into darkness. He started simply as Senator Palpatine, the representative from Naboo. With skillful manipulation of key senators and the help of the trade federation he managed to become Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Then with his apprentice Darth Tyranus, he created a civil war. Half of the planetary systems remained loyal to the Republic, the other half followed Tyranus and the separatists. While the galaxy was in turmoil the Jedi Order was spread thin leading the clone armies in suppressing the rebellion. Sidious was then able to lure a confused Anakin Skywalker to the dark side of the force. With Anakin's help the Jedi were destroyed and Sidious announced the war was over. He declared himself Emperor Palpatine and ruled the galaxy with an iron fist.