Star Wars Origami
The Sandcrawler
The two easiest figures in my book are the sandcrawler and the sky hopper. When I first started designing the sandcrawler the goal was a three-dimensional figure. The trouble was I was still learning how to "invent" new designs and a three dimensional figure would have to be complex. About that time I was starting to organize the book in my head and figure out who my readers would be. I decided I wanted something for people of all skill levels. The sandcrawler seemed a natural choice for beginners. After making this choice, it didn't take too long to create the final version. I think it might be fun to make one life-size someday. Anyone know where I might find a sheet of paper 300 yards on a side?

These massive multistoried vehicles are used by jawas on Tatooine. The jawas live, work, and travel in them. They are about 70 feet tall and can hold 300 of the diminutive scavengers. Sandcrawlers have 8 caterpillar treads powered by fusion reactor engines.

Riding in these mobile cities, jawas roam the desert looking for discarded machinery and junk. In this way, R2-D2 and C-3PO were picked up and later sold to Luke Skywalker's uncle.