Star Wars Origami
What would a Star Wars Origami book be without everyone's favorite droid? (Sorry C-3PO, you're a close second) Since R2 was such a popular character among kids, I knew I had to keep R2 fairly simple. The balance between "easy to fold" and "what is that supposed to be?" is a fine line. I wanted the younger kids to be able to fold this one. Hopefully, I met my goal. One of these days I'll work on R2-D2 Part 2 and come up with the three-legged version.The man in the picture is, of course, Kenny Baker, the actor who brings R2-D2 to life. I was honored to meet him and ask his opinion on my R2 design, which you can see in the lower corner. I'm pleased to say he was impressed.

R2-D2 is an astromech droid. Astromechs are designed for starship management and repair. While they can understand most forms of speech, they speak in an electronic language of chirps, whistles, and squeaks which can be understood only by computers or other droids.

R2 is a brash droid. Bold, loyal, and a touch sarcastic. He is constantly bickering with his counterpart, C-3PO. He carried the Death Star plans to the rebels, saved Luke, Han, and Leia's lives several times, and was even aboard Luke's X-Wing when he destroyed the Death Star. This little droid is constantly at the center of events in the galaxy.