Star Wars Origami
Royal Naboo Starship
The J-type 327 Nubian starship is an elegant vessel worthy of royalty. The primary mission of the Nubian is transportation to and from diplomatic functions. The luxurious ship is appointed with chambers for the queen, spacious quarters for the royal staff, and even a throne room. The chrome finish of the ship is purely decorative adding to its beauty. While the ship has no offensive weapons, it is heavily shielded and armored. The defenses of this craft are so strong Queen Amidala was able to run the Trade Federation blockade while several battleships were firing on her. The shields collapsed and the hyperdrive was badly damaged but, with R2-D2's help, the ship successfully made its escape.

After finishing work on the classic Star Wars origami book, I started working on the next one. This new book will feature figures from episodes I, II and III. The Naboo starfighter was already finished and I was considering what to attempt next. I noticed the royal Naboo starship is very similar to the Naboo starfighter. The overall desgn of the two ships consists of an elongated hull with two engines on one end. A nip here, a tuck there, some folding magic where appropriate, and Queen Amidala can now travel in style.

The man in the picture is Ralph Brown. He played Ric Olie and piloted the queen's starship in The Phantom Menace.