Star Wars Origami

The Podracer

I'd been trying to create a model for the podracers for many years, and never found a design that made me happy. The designs had three pieces, two for the engines, and one for the pod. The problem always came back to finding a way to attach the pod to the engines. I didn't want the three parts just laying there separate, yet any paper “cables” were too thick and detracted from the model. I'm too much of a purest to use glue or string or some other similar solution. Again simplicity was the way to go. Using triangular paper black on one side I could give the illusion of three separate sections. The final model is pretty elegant. It starts with an equilateral triangle and only has 18 steps.

”They have Podracing on Malastare. Very fast, very dangerous”. “I'm the only human who can do it”. Anakin Skywalker wasn't just bragging. He was the first and only human to ever win a race.

Podracers are nothing more than a cockpit pulled by two racing engines. The engines are coupled by energy binders and the cockpit is dragged behind them by two steelton control cables . The racers can reach speeds of over 500 MPH requiring inhuman reflexes or jedi skills.