Star Wars Origami
The Landspeeder
The landspeeder is the first advanced figure I created and one of my more popular. This is one design where the base just sort of led to the final model. (A "base" is a set of folds used at the start of making a variety of figures. The base for the popular crane figure is known as the "bird" base). I was playing around with the bird base, trying to see what new things I could come up with (the origami equivalent of doodling) when I noticed all the points and lines were very similar to the landspeeder. I came up with a workable model a few minutes later. Over the next few days, I added the windshield, rounded out the engines, and reworked the proportions, but it remains very close to that first version.

Landspeeders are light transport craft that skim above the ground on a repulsor field. They are most commonly used as personal vehicles.

Luke Skywalker's speeder is a two-seater version. The three turbine engines produce excellent speed and the open cockpit gives it a sporty look. This model is perfect for a "reckless" Tatooine teenager.