Star Wars Origami
The Imperial Landing Craft
This is another ship that was hard to work with. It was seen in A New Hope for only a second or so and only in the distance. The few pictures I found were either fan interpretations or side views so I'm not 100 percent sure I have all the proportions correct. Still, I like the look of it and I love creating figures where I can add highlights using paper that has a different color on each side.

The landing craft's primary role is the rapid deployment of space-borne troops and equipment to a planetary landing site. It is armed with eight laser cannons, two missile launchers, and an ion cannon. The ILC has sufficient capacity to carry 54 stormtroopers and either 6 vehicles or 2 dewback lizards.

When a detachment of stormtroopers was needed to locate and retrieve the Death Star plans, the landing craft was a natural choice.