Star Wars Origami

The Musical X-Wing for John Williams

John Williams is the composer of the Star Wars score and countless other movies. His music has become part of our culture. How many times have you hummed the theme from Jaws when you knew trouble was afoot. Or whistled the theme from Raiders Of The Lost Arc to signify adventure. When your boss is walking down the corridor, can't you just hear the Imperial March in the background?

Each summer Mr. Williams performs his music with the Los Angeles Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl. I've attended the performance several times and every time it's an incredible experience. In August of 2005 I thought I'd make a special gift for him as a personal thank you for hours I've spent relaxing to his scores.

I was trying to decide which scene to use for a holocron when I came across paper with musical symbols on it. I thought a single model with the paper would be more appropriate. I decided the X-Wing was the most iconic of all my designs and made a large model for him. Mr. Williams was very impressed with the gift and I was very impressed with how friendly and gracious he was.