Star Wars Origami

Holocron for Origamido Studio

I created this holocron as a thank you to Michael G. LaFosse and the rest of the friends of Origamido Studio for their help in making the Boston Star Wars Origami event a success. Without their help I wouldn't have been able to share the joys of origami with over 1000 museum guests.

This box contains each of the six figures we taught in Boston, which ranged from the simple sandcrawler, to the very advanced Naboo starfighter. The centerpiece of the holocron is the mascot of Origamido, a Cardinal Mr. LaFosse invented.

If you find yourself in the Boston area, and would like to see works of origami art from some of the best artists in the world, I highly recomend a side trip to the Origamido Studio. Its located about 40 minutes north of the city and easily accessable by public transportation.