Star Wars Origami
General Grievous

I was making the Holocron for Mr. Lucas and I was half way through the Naboo Starfighter when the phone rang. After the call I came back to the figure and noticed the incomplete engines and hull resembled the head of the infamous general. Later I started experimenting with this starting point. The hardest part was finding a balance between the length of the "ear flaps" and the shape of the head. By using paper colored on one side I've managed to make the eyes stand out and I like the effect.

Mathew Wood is the voice of General Grevious. When I gave him the model I was taken aback when he said it doesn't look anything like him. He went on to explain "I have more hair, my ears aren't this big, and my eyes get this red only after a long night out"

Leading the Separatists droid army in revolt against the Old Republic is the sinister cyborg General Grievous. The only organic parts left inside the enhanced droid frame are a brain, eyes, and few organs to keep the brain alive. Armed with a humanoid's mind and the reflexes of a combat droid Grievous takes pleasure in the suffering of all organic life. Grievous has magnetic claws for feet and arms which can separate in two giving him the ability to fight with four weapons. He enjoys facing Jedi in single combat and keeps their lightsabers as trophies.

Obi Wan finally defeated Grievous after an epic battle on Utapau. After losing his lightsaber, Kenobi resorted to the "uncivilized" method of shooting Grievous with a discarded blaster. The shot pierced the general's damaged torso and hit his gut-sack. Volatile fluids inside ignited and Grievous burned to death.