Star Wars Origami
General Grievous' Starfighter

It was about six weeks before Revenge of the Sith opened when the Visual Dictionary for Episode III went on sale. I found a small picture of General Grievous' Starfighter inside. I fell in love with the gothic lines of the ship and decided to make one. I started with a variation on a dragon and did some major rework of the body and wings and eliminated the head. I was very pleased with the results. After that it was simply a matter of starting with a fresh piece of paper and refining all the steps from the first fold.

When I presented the Holocron to Mr. Lucas (on the left) this figure was the very first figure he commented on.

This is the personal starfighter of General Grievous. It is one of the first starfighters to have hyperspace capability. The ship is about 20 feet long and well armored. Obi Wan Kenobi used it to escape from Utapao after his clone troops were ordered to kill him.