Star Wars Origami
California Science Center April 14, 2007

I did a second day of Star Wars Origami in conjunction with the Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination exhibit at the California Science Center in Los Angeles. I folded a 12 by 12 foot sheet of paper into the Millennium Falcon and created a holocron of the asteroid chase in The Empire Strikes Back.

My Staff (Jan Alexander, Fran Siller, Colleen O'Rourke, Saul, Joshua, and Daniel Castro, Jenn and Branden DeLeon, Noah and Wendy Linick, Chilia Caldera, and Andrew Hogan) taught around 500 of the Center's guests how to fold a Skyhopper, Sandcrawler, Jango Fett, Vader's TIE, and Jabba the Hutt during a 3 hour period.

A special thanks goes to Shirley Radcliff for all her work in orginizing the event.

Brendan and a squadron of skyhoppers
Noah "Bubba" Linick
Saul teaching the skyhopper
Joshua and Fran Teachers Extraordinaire

THE Andrew Hogan (see the footnote)

Jabba's new lady, Chila
Jenn, Born to teach
Colleen teaches the Fetts
Amanda and Scarlett making bounty hunters
Corey builds Vader's TIE
John and Jabba
Evan and Keith Clone Warriors
Holllie and Jake taking Jabba Lessons
Joshua and David show their skyhopper skills.
Blake and TJ making mobile homes for jawas
Thomas getting ready for the skyhopper races
Meg, Joshua and Jacob Natural Folders
Jan and Wendy discuss the finer points of sandcrawlers
Matthew and Fett go together like rice and beans
Chad folding and Vicki accepting the bounty
A 12 foot preliminary fold
Adine holding the short end of the stick.
Fold, Crease, Fold again
It looks a lot bigger in the movies.
Creating the Falcon: The Movie