Star Wars Origami
The Dewback Lizard
One of the problems in creating new origami figures is avoiding copying another artist's work. I ran into this problem several times while trying to make the dewback. Some attempts looked too much like other people's lizards, or else ended up not looking very "dewbackish". The answer, as usually happens in these cases, was in looking at the problem from a new angle, or in this case, a new base. A base is a starting point which many figures have in common. For example, the first 10 steps in making a lily is called the "flower base". It is also the same base used for Jabba the Hutt and the X-Wing (among others). I was playing around with the blintz base and when I folded it in half to put it away, I noticed it wouldn't take much to turn it into the elusive dewback. The rest is history.

Dewbacks are reptilian creatures native to Tatooine. They stand about 6 feet tall, have green scales and a thin tuft of pale fur that runs down their spines. In the sunlight this hair glistens like moisture giving the animal its name. These docile creatures are used for transportation because they can stand the intense heat and abrasive effects of the desert