Star Wars Origami
The Jedi Starfighter

When I told my mother (who is responsible for quite a few of my origami inspirations) I was creating a web page, she said, "Well, you have to include something from the upcoming movie". This was just before Attack of the Clones was released. Once again she challenged me. I thought I'd try the jedi starfighter. At that time the pictures were vague and showed too little detail to design an accurate figure. The model I came up with looked exactly like the photos; vague and lacking detaill. After the movie was released, I reworked it and I'm pleased to show it here.

I made a 1/2 scale version of this fighter during Celebration III on March 22, 2005.

The Delta-7 was the preferred starfighter among the jedi knights at the start of the clone wars. This ship is known more for its maneuverability and speed than for its firepower. While it does have offensive weapons, the jedi prefer to use the Force and diplomatic means to avoid confrontations. The Delta-7 has an astromech droid hard-wired into its hull for navigation and communication. These starfighters are too small to hold a hyperdrive so they rely on a separate booster ring to travel from system to system. On arrival, the ring detaches and floats in space until the fighter docks with it for the return trip.