Star Wars Origami
Clone Troopers

The Kaminoians used a bounty hunter named Jango Fett as the template for first generations of clone troopers. After the Separatists put an army of battle droids into the field, the Republic had no choice but to use the clone army in response. Units of clone troopers were led by the Jedi and eventually put down the Separatist threat. At the end of the Clone War, Darth Sidious issued Order 66 which identified the Jedi as traitors to be eliminated. The Clones turned on the unsuspecting Jedi and extinguished their light from the galaxy.

I was invited to teach origami at Celebration V in Orlando. Since I'd taught the Fett helmets at Celebrations III and IV, I wanted to teach a new model. The clone troopers would be perfect for the task. I knew there had to be a way to create the black and white helmets using paper with color on one side. The hard part was creating the T shape in the visor. I played around with many variations on the Fett helmet and each one failed. Then one day I was goofing off with a fish base and accidentally made the T shape I needed. A few more tweaks and the mouth was done. Then it was just a bit of polishing and Voila… Clone Trooper. Remember order 66? I knew there was something fishy about them.