Star Wars Origami
The B-Wing

The B-Wing was the first figure I created from the Star Wars universe. I had just given an origami demonstration at a preschool. On the way home I was thinking about the penguin I had shown the kids. It occurred to me the short wings of the penguin were just like those of the B-Wing. I was so excited I pulled off the road and started folding. A few minutes later there was the ship. I've since added a few details but the overall shape is the same.

The man holding the B-Wing figure is Tim Rose. He played Admiral Ackbar in Return of the Jedi. In the expanded universe storylines, Ackbar designed the B-Wing fighter.

The B-Wing is the Rebel Alliance's heavy assault starfighter. It's armed with laser cannons, ion cannons and proton torpedoes. It has heavy armor and very strong shields for a ship of its size. The most unusual feature is a gyroscopic cockpit, which keeps the pilot level with an artificial horizon no matter which way the fighter is orientated. These qualities make it ideal for attacking large capital starships. A squadron of these odd looking fighters helped hold off the Empire's star destroyers and cruisers during the battle of Endor, allowing the smaller, more nimble fighters to destroy the second Death Star.