Star Wars Origami
Trade Federation Battlship

When I was invited to Celebration V in Orlando I thought it would be fun to have the audience fold large scale origami again. I looked over the designs I'd already created and couldn't decide which models to use. I didn't want to do the same ones from Celebration III, Some of the models are just too difficult at that scale, others don't have enough detail. Still others will collapse under their own weight. I settled on three, Slave I, The Falcon, The Landspeeder, and needed one more. That was when I decided to create a new model which could be made into a large version. The battleship was the perfect choice. It's flat so it won't collapse, the bridge is challenging to fold, and still looks good when it's 6 feet across.

When the Trade Federation recognized a need for its own military, it converted some of its huge cargo carriers into battleships. These two-mile-wide carriers were ideal for the task. The enormous ships already had powerful engines, strong armor, and vast storage areas that could house up to 1,500 droid starfighters and 140,000 battle droids. After being refitted with stronger shields and powerful quad-laser batteries, any one of these ships could hold off an entire armada of Republic attack cruisers.