Star Wars Origami
The Bantha

The bantha is one of my earliest attempts at creating an original figure. It's still a favorite because of its simplicity and because of the way it takes advantage of paper with different colors on either side to enhance the horns. I came up with the bantha when I was trying to remember how to make a parrot. It turns out (to my good luck) I was way off on the parrot, but what I ended up with looked like a water buffalo. A twist here, a fold there, and instant bantha.
Banthas roam the deserts of Tatooine in herds of 15 or more. Their thick fur coats, long tails, and curved horns enable them to survive the hostile climate and vicious predators of Tatooine. The Sand People have domesticated the bantha and use them primarily for transportation. When on raiding parties, they ride them single file to hide their numbers.