Star Wars Origami
ETA-2 Actis Interceptor

I created this figure after seeing the publicity shots for Revenge of the Sith. I must have spent 3 weeks and 4 reams of paper trying to create this model, but I wasn't happy with any of the results. As always seems to happen in these cases, when I was making Patricia Crawford's model of a Full-rigged Ship I started wondering what else could be made with its unusual starting base. Ten minutes later the starfighter was finished.

I made a 1/2 scale version of this fighter during Celebration III on March 24, 2005.

Near the end of the clone wars the jedi used a new starfighter, the ETA-2 Actis Interceptor. This tiny ship is barely 10 feet long but is extremely well armed and very maneuverable. It carries an R2 unit on the left mandible for in-flight repairs and controling routine systems. The wings extend in flight and retract for landings.