Star Wars Origami
AT-ST Scout Walker
I originally intended to write one book for each Star Wars movie. After finishing my first book, "Star Wars Origami: A New Hope", I started working on figures for The Empire Strikes Back. The scout walker was the first one I tried. I came up with the design you see in the center picture. The version in the left picture is the final version. It's easier to make and looks better in my opinion. Incidentally, the man holding the early version is Julian Glover. He played General Veers, leader of the AT-AT walker assault force on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back.
The scout walker is the two man version of the AT-AT assault walker. Primarily used for supporting the massive battle vehicles, the AT-ST can fill multiple roles on its own. Its small size and dense armor make it perfect for supporting infantry assaults or for defending encampments. The scout walker is a formidable vehicle armed with several blaster cannons and a concussion grenade launcher. The Empire used AT-STs to protect the flanks of the main assault force on Hoth and to defend the shield generator on Endor.