Star Wars Origami
ARC-170 Starfighter
It took me a long time to invent the design for this figure. The hardest part was finding a starting base which would allow me to create the fuselage, wings, and main guns with the right proportions and still include the 4 smaller wings. I borrowed a base from another artist, David Brill, and came up with 2 designs which differed from each other by only a few steps at the end of the folding process. The first design was slightly closer to the overall proportions of the ARC 170. The Second had a slightly cleaner design. Personally, I preferred the first version but all the friends and family I polled unanimously voted for the second. Therefore the official version is the second design and I'm no longer speaking with any of them.
The ARC-170 (Aggressive Re-Connaissance fighter) was the primary starfighter of the Old Republic just before the rise of the Empire. It had a crew of three clones consisting of one pilot and two gunners. The craft also had an R2 astromech droid for navigation and repairs. The ship was armed with 4 laser cannons (two forward and two rear facing) as well as 6 proton torpedoes.